Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:How much can I tow?
A:Refer to manufacturer of tow vehicle.
Q: What is the longest/widest/highest I can go?
A: The total combination is less than 19m and the trailer is less than 12.5m, 2.5m wide, 4.3m high. All these are without permits.
Q: How much can I put on a single axle?
A: 9000kg on 4 tyres.
Q: What type of brakes do I need?
A: Refer ADR38,

  • Up to 750kg GTM – exempt.
  • Up to 2000kg GTM – effective override brakes.
  • Up to 4500kg GTM – Breakaway brakes, electric, air, twin line vacuum.
  • Over 4500kg GTM – Federal Office of Road Safety complied, air over mechanical braking system.

A: Gross vehicle mass is the weight of the trailer and its load disconnected from the towing vehicle.